My Blog And Why You’re Going To Love It

First things first, in my opinion, the most important thing in a relationship is honesty, so I think that it’s best that I don’t start things off on the wrong foot here by trying to deceive you. This here is my first ever attempt at blogging. There, I’ve said it. Now you know and hopefully we can all get past this minor indiscretion and build a wonderful friendship. So, as I’ve never blogged before, prior to getting started, I did what any tech savvy person wanting to write a successful blog would do, I googled how to write a successful blog. And what I ended up with was a whole bunch of pages that told me a whole bunch of stuff that I had suspected was required (don’t be boring, write what you know, write what people want to read etc etc), and a couple of useful titbits that I’ve tucked away for later use.

So why am I writing this blog you may ask? Well, ideally the purpose of this blog is to provide both you and I the opportunity to learn more about Enterprise 2.0 technologies. Together we will delve deep into this subject and come out the other side all the wiser and more ready to put to use our new-found knowledge to improve the organisations for which we are currently employed or will be employed by in the future.

So what is going to make you want to keep coming back week after week to read my blog instead of watching funny videos on youtube? Well I’m going to attempt to write posts that you not only find informative but entertaining as well. All of the posts that I make on this blog will be thoroughly researched, so you can rest assured that the information you are getting is accurate. The beauty of a blog as opposed to just a general real-time conversation is that you have the ability to check your facts before you make a statement. Like most females, I hate being wrong, so I intend to make sure that I have all of my facts straight before I open my mouth. It also would seem that I have a bit of a knack for writing things that people seem to enjoy reading. If this whole IT thing didn’t work out, plan B was to become a journalist, so hopefully I am able to use this skill to my advantage. There’s also nothing wrong with a bit of blatant self-promotion, so I intend to explore as many avenues as I can to get people to stop by and have a read. For example, Twitter, Facebook, other people’s blogs, standing on the street waving a big sign…whatever it takes really.

I know what I like when it comes to other blogs, so I’m not going to write something that I myself wouldn’t enjoy reading. I hope that I can write in a way that provides information at a level appropriate to the audience to which I want to deliver. I’m also going to use other blogs that I read as examples and try to draw inspiration from them. One of my favourite blogs is NZ Glen:Body Combat Fanatic Now I know, it’s not IT related, but it is a good blog none the less. It is very well organised, easy to navigate to find what I am looking for, the writer is writing about something that he understands and he writes with great passion. All of these things are things that I appreciate when reading another person’s blog.

Now, I don’t want to bore you with an overly lengthy first post, so I think that I shall leave it at that for today. I look forward to seeing you again and hopefully reading some of your feedback. Until next time.



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Hello and welcome to my blog.

Thanks for visiting.  I hope that your time here is well spent and you learn at least one new thing.

Goodbye for now.

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